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Topic Introduction:

Team TITANS...
The Sky is BLUE, the Oceans are BLUE.
BLUE signifies unspoken vastness, unsaid courage. The huge Power is within and like a nature's fury TITANS put Competitors at Rest.
They have shown their metal and have fold on to their fort one-third journey of #AKM. Every one has fired up, the superb performance from teens, senior citizens and adults have ensured that Gold medals keep flowing.. keep the flow going.
Women's 10 round race at #AKM has the Gold medal bagged by BLUE TITANS Mrs. Dipti Dhore. Dipti is a very sports and fitness enthusiast and TITANS had all eyes on her expecting a Gold winning performance from Dipti and which she delivered to her promise.
Her hubby Yogesh bhai is another long distance runner and he too add glory to BLUE TITANS in taking the Bronze medal in men's 10 round race at #AKM.

We're the *Wonderful Warriors* breaking all the barriers, not afraid to fail, the warriors who never give up. 🤟🏻
Whether we're the strongest or the fastest, we're not worried, there's one thing certain, we're not here to quit.✊🏻
Armed in red, we're here to give our best, celebrate every moment and create long-lasting, fun-filled memories of the AKM!🚩😎